Starting with an idea, often based on nature, we design a detailed model that incorporates the geological type of rock you envision (or perhaps we can turn you on to an experience that allows you bond with that rock, the type of feature that you’re interested in and the functionality that you would like to have (I.E. hot tub, lap pool, swimming pool, fire pit, barbecue, feature wall, stairway, cave, aquarium, stream, waterfall (for sound) etc.). and the architectural space that it is to inhabit. On the basis of the approved model we provide the guidance and expertise to prepare the site, liaise with the architect and do any necessary excavation and provide any required foundation for our structure.

Once the site is prepared and stabilized the design is roughed in with reinforcing bar and steel mesh. As this will support the final concrete finish it is imperative that this follows the model. The next part is the most critical in realizing a realistic project. The concrete is applied to the mesh and before it sets, is carved and sculpted to perfection, each crack and crevice following the unwritten rules nature uses that express the characteristics of the geological type.

It is the intuitive apprehension of these unwritten rules of nature that Peter and Mark have spent lifetime learning: and it is this that makes natural rock so difficult to imitate. The eye has a natural ability to discern these rules and is offended when they are violated. The mind immediately responds with “Wow, does that ever look fake!”

Shape is not the only characteristic of geological formations. The composition of the substrate determines its coloration and texture. Although texture can be achieved during the carving process it is not necessarily desired in the case of a pool. Often it is preferable to imitate texture with the application of pigments. Of course, this also requires an artistic touch.