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Shajani Residence

Located above the clouds on Burnaby’s Capitol Hill, the Shajani residence takes advantage of the spectacular view and the sloped site by incorporating artificial rock into the exposed bedrock. Beginning at the custom address rock, artificial rock forms the sides of the driveway and spills over into a breath-taking three-tiered waterfall system. The waterway works its way through several planters and eventually meanders under a bridge into a pond below. On the view-side of the home, artificial rock clads the first floor on foundation creating the effect of a home built on a bedrock outcropping. This waterfall also houses a cave pool room and shower beneath it. The theme is carried on through to the hot tub surround, where water spills down the rock face into the kidney-shaped pool. On the other side of the rock-topped patio, the family BBQ area blends seamlessly into the bedrock foundation.