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The benefits of waterfalls are plenty. From reducing stress to drowning out adjacent traffic, the soothing sounds of waterfalls and features can bring a sense of peace and calm to your home. Our clients often combine waterfalls with spas and pools thereby creating a waterfall that they can enjoy when they are in or out of the water. Raincity has a variety of water-walls, both artificial rock and architectural, that can be built inside of the house as well. Indoor water features can fill the empty sound of a quite house and also act as a natural humidifier, increasing the quality of the air and improving health. Outside, waterfalls can be added to retaining walls to break up imposing structures, or fill an empty corner of the yard. Features can be sculpted to any style or need including planter pockets complete with irrigation for low maintenance watering. We can also match any existing rock, as can be seen in the Arsene waterfall, and turn useless rock faces into exhilarating water features. See if you can tell where the real rock ends and the faux rock begins!