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Vinter Residence

Located in wooded Anmore, the Vinter pool backs onto a densely forested ravine. The sloping yard presented some problems for pool and deck as well as the garden pictured here. The heavy rainfall washes away dirt from teh elevated garden, onto the deck and into the pool below. A solid concrete wall would have been too hard, and cinder blocks too porous. The wall pictured here has drainage behind, is tight troweled and waterproof to prevent any seepage from the garden above. As their neighbours recently stated to us, "We didn't know it was artificial rock until we saw it on your website!" The steps presented some problems as well since formed concrete would also be too industrial while stepping stones would be washed away or covered in mud. Our stairs effectively dealt with those problems, and allowed for puck lights to be mounted in the risers, illuminating the treads for evening dips in the pool.