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Shajani Residence

This Burnaby residence sits above the clouds, with a view of Burrard Inlet from on high. The sloped nature of the lot called for some creative landscaping. The retaining walls not only created an elegant way to deal with soil retention, but also allowed for a multi-leveled stream system and the waterfalls that resulted. The rock clad structural walls which blended back into the landscaping due to the ample planting pockets - a request of the owner and our favorite way to soften the harshness of the carved concrete surfaces. The natural rock staircase leads down the south side of the wall from the street above and across the bridge ove the stream below. Instead of cladding the driveway retaining wall with granite or stone tiles, the artificial rock cladding allows for planting pockets and creative lighting, turning a potential eye-sore into the focal point of the entrance.