Is gunite or vinyl a better choice for my pool?

In the long-run, gunite is the better choice. With proper care, it lasts much longer and doesn't need replacing like vinyl (every 10 years or so). It can also be cleaned and won’t stain as some vinyl pools tend to. While the upfront costs are typically higher, the maintenance is less expensive and the overall quality and durability is far superior.

What is a “salt-water” pool?

Though commonly mistaken, a salt-water pool is not actually chlorine free. The chlorinator uses electrolysis to break down the salt which releases chlorine into the pool. However, unlike traditional chlorination, where chlorine “pucks” and the like are added directly to the pool water, a salt-water pool is much more comfortable – it makes itchy eyes and dry skin a distant memory.

What maintenance is required for an in-ground swimming pool?

While many of the systems today have some level of automated controls, we suggest employing a pool maintenance company to test your pool regularly. If you are a DIY-type, there are some basic maintenance requirements that should be adhered to. 1) test to ensure your alkalinity and pH are in balance and add sanitizer (or salt) and balancers when they are not. 2) Shock pool water to destroy chlorine compounds. 3) Vacuum, clean skimmer and filter to ensure there is no debris and water is circulating cleanly.