Employment Opportunities


Description: Qualified individuals who have some formal training in Fine Arts, preferably sculpting, with appropriate portfolio. Applicant ideally has some experience in manual labour, ie construction, and does not shy away from hard physical work. If hired, applicant will be expected to apprentice for 6 months, working closely with designers and sculptors in house, working through all aspects of construction. Duties will include: clay modeling of projects from client and architect designs; wire and rebar framing; concrete mixing, shooting, and application; texturing and sculpting; acid staining and painting. Salary will be determined by applicants experience and displayed aptitude.

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Description: Qualified sales person sought for all aspects of marketing and outbound sales. Applicant is a self-starter who will be required to cold call and pitch prospective clients, both residential and commercial, as well as developing presentations and organizing industry meetings. Applicant will benefit from the company’s current market presence but will be evaluated on growth in sales and revenue from a base year. Salary plus commission will be determined by applicant’s experience and displayed aptitude.

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Franchise Opportunities

Interested in operating a Raincity Rock Franchise? Contact us below for more information

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